So we were wanting a slightly more practical car with a decent sized boot for a while. The Lexus was a phenomenal machine with all the luxury a young family need. The only problem with the Lexus was that the boot was quite awkward to get larger sized items (such as prams) into.

The next car needed to be practical, reliable and not an absolute bore to drive. After scouring the classifieds for weeks, I’d settled on getting a Focus ST… That is, until the Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT turned up. I’d wanted an FN2 for so long but the price and insurance costs were astronomical last time I looked. I saw a lovely FN2 GT for sale in Stockport for not much money at all and tested the water by doing an insurance quote.

Yeah… That quote came back cheaper than the Lexus. Needless to say, we were taking a trip to Stockport to see the car. Within the hour, there was a deposit down on it and a massive grin on my face on the way home. I’d just become a Type R owner!

The very next day, I began the process of de-modifying the Lexus. Taking off the Invidia Midpipe, Induction filter, Spyder Auto rear lights, HIDs, Illuminated Entry Plates, Carbon Exhaust Tips and of course removing the Dash Cam.

Fast forward a (very long) week and I was once again making the trip back to Stockport to pick it up. This time in a totally stock (and whisper quiet) Lexus. Once at Stockport, I was greeted by the sight of the Type R being given a wash. The salesman and I were just going through paperwork when the guy washing the Type R came in and said “Your Key, sir”. Boy, did that make me grin! We’d just completed the paperwork and my official Type R ownership had begun.

The drive home was relatively uneventful. The Type R’s suspension was a polar opposite to the Lexus’ waft of luxury, but it was still more than comfortable enough to bear. Speaking of comfort, OH MY GOD… Those bucket seats fit my dodgy back perfectly. I’ve rarely commented on seats so much to Lydia but I wouldn’t shut up about them. Kudos, Honda… You did a great job on them.

Once home, I gave the car an oil and filter change (I do this regardless of whether it’s “Just Been Done” or not, just so I know it’s been done. Then, the modifications/fixing begins.

First order of the day was a proper wash / compound / polish / sealant and the car’s looking immense. Once the wash was done, it was onto replacing the worse-for-wear gear knob and gear gaiter. The gear shifter was a shortened Tegiwa short shifter, so the gaiter was a little more finicky to get sitting just right. Once that was done, the only other thing I’ve done to it so far is LED Reverse lights. I’d absolutely love a Mugen wing, but they’re immensely expensive at the moment!

The first week with the Type R has been very positive. Unfortunately, it seems to have a relatively small oil leak and there’s some creaking from the front right damper. There’s also a suspect knock coming from the rear whenever I’m parking / manoeuvring slowly. But these are all teething issues (hopefully!)

Anyhow, onto the pictures!

The next things to sort are the wheels and the silicone hoses in the engine bay…

The wheels are black with pink glitter and the hoses are pink… Not a chance they’re staying like that for long!! The wheels are going Subaru WRX Gold and I’m not sure on the hoses yet. May either take them back to black or go red…

Hope you enjoyed the longest post I’ve ever written!

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